Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Studies show people that spend more than 6 hours a day at a desk are 65% more likely to be overweight. Great. And here I sit eating scones on top of the eggs and bacon and grits I had before I left the house. Great. Here I sit with my behind in agony from a little half hour walk I took on Monday. Oh boy, not boding well for my fitness. I must change my habits, I will change my habits...tomorrow.

In happier news, the wash test worked wonderfully with the ink I heat set properly - imagine that! So night before last I got up the nerve to put my angel wing design on one of the official shirts. I chose a short sleeve smoke blue one and it looks FANTASTIC! I'm so super duper excited. I was going to put the text on the front last night but had the brains to pull out a 0-3 month size and see if the text fit it...surprise! It doesn't. So I made up a new screen with smaller text. Hopefully it will be dry by tonight and I can print the front.

Next step is make a couple of other screens for two other designs and test them out. I'm also progressing fabulously with the new pants design I'm learning. Short rows had me intimidated, but thanks to a great tutorial on I am no longer afraid. They are super simple. I think it will be the same with the crotch gusset. I'm almost to where I start that. So I'm making leaps and bounds in the craft world. Have to iron out details, and am hoping to stock my store by the first or second week of March!

In the parenting department I might be lacking - my son told me last night that I would not be invited to his birthday party at Chucky Cheese's. I told him to have fun without me 'cause who would make the cake. This morning I also told him to tell another kid at school to get bent. Maybe not the best motherly advice? Well, the kid was telling him he had to bring toys for him and some other older boy and to me that just seems a bit bossy and I won't have any bossy older boys taking advantage of my little perfect boy. Then I started thinking how that bossy boy is poor and probably doesn't have any toys and that maybe we should bring toys for ALL the kids. Then I started to think how this toy obsession is ridiculous and that boy is better off without these lame modern day toys because maybe he will learn the fun that can be had with a stick and his own imagination, and then I started thinking about where in the world did my kid come up with the idea of a CHUCKY CHEESE'S birthday party?

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