Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dr. Evil

If I could I would buy Boone an exersaucer that was black and grey and call him Dr. Evil when he sits in it. It would be perfect, b/c he is like a little ruler of his domain in that thing. If you make a noise behind him, he whips around with this grouchy little face - daring the insolent subject to make that noise again. Then he always has a little finger in his mouth - doing his best Dr. Evil "one MILLION dollars" impression. And there's this little model of the earth on it and he looks at it and chews on it and I can only imagine he is planning the fate of the whole world that he holds in his tiny little hand. Alas, his exersaucer is a very cheery mix of primary colors. I turned to photobucket to evil it up a little for me, and here's how it turned out:

"...one mmmiiiiilllllion dolllaaaarsss!....what the..."
"You there! Insolent subject! Explain yourself and this camera clicking noise you are making! You have disturbed my finger chewing and evil book reading!"

Later that day: planning earth's doom...

Evil laugh "muaa ha ha ha ha ha"

Or something along those lines anyway.

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