Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Portrait

Quick update on the tshirts: the wash test didn't go so well. Or, it went well, I learned a lot! How's that for a positive spin. The letters kinda faded - the outlines are black though, not sure why, but the insides of the letters faded. It actually looks kind of cool. But I don't think I should be trying to pass of happy mistakes to my customers, and I'm worried that they might continue to fade with each washing. I'm pretty sure I didn't heat set them long enough. So tomorrow I'll test out the new lower case lettering on the same shirt, heat set longer, and wash again. Onward and upward as always!
Today I'd like to share a self-family portrait we took summer before last. We were coming out of a kind of sad time. I had miscarried about a month earlier and we had all suffered no small amount of heartache over that one. My mom came out to stay with me for a while and it was really nice to have her there. And with that cute little boy running around (that's Willie, my now almost 4 year old), who can stay sad too long? So this picture was to go in cards sent out to friends and family to thank them for their love and support and let them know we were doing well. The final picture is what went out, but I have to say, more than the end result I love the whole series. It's just

Steven the goat, check. Willie, check. Hold on to 'em Rowdy!

Uh-oh, the kid's been replaced by the lazy dog! Get out of there Fat Baxter! Mom, get that kid!

The camera is clicking away, positions everyone!

This is that irritated owl look I talked about in my first post. Even the goat is getting annoyed. And Baxter's over it too.

Finally, the happy family pic we've all been waiting for. Minus Baxter. And Steven is about to sample my son's arm for tenderness.

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