Monday, February 22, 2010

Honey! I'm not home!

Long day at the office. It's 9pm and I'm still here. So no interesting posts today, no wit, no nothing. Just my food log, such as it is:

-piece of bread that was supposed to be toast but I didn't have time so I yanked it from the toaster prematurely, slapped on some peanut butter and honey
- two whole peanut butter and honey sandwiches dunked in low fat milk
- a few bites of left over elk steak and mixed veggies
- 4 almond hershey kisses
- large bowel of oatmeal with brown sugar and low fat milk
- banana
- some trader joes everything crackers
- couple hand fulls of graham fish (like teddy grahams, but fish)
- two caramel Girl Scout cookies
- two Dove bliss chocolates
- cup of mamas milk tea
- 1 mango
- one fruit/granola/chocolate chip bar

and I still have some pumpkin seeds, some organic trader joe's version pop tarts, and an apple which I reserve the right to devour if I am kept at work much longer. The end.

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